This Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill allows you to have a smokeless feast inside

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Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill Home Goods
Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill Home Goods
Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill Home Goods
Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill Home Goods
Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill Home Goods

Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill

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Control at your hands

Who doesn’t love the scent and taste of a great BBQ? Smoky steaks and hot dog franks, grilled corn and bell peppers…mm mmm! Great for every season when you can’t make it outdoors to grill. Our Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill allows you to continue that grilling tradition — all without the smoke.

  • Includes a built-in-fan 
  • It has a user-friendly dial control with four heat/cooking settings
  • The dial control lets you adjust in a flash as you cook various meats and vegetables

Indoor grill with near zero smoke

This grill is a table-sized build with a 12 x 10 inch grill plate, there’s plenty of room to grill. When fully assembled, the grill measures 16.2 x 14.0 inches. Disassembly is made simple. The grill, handles, drip tray, burn base, and temperature dial control all disassemble effortlessly for quick storage and fuss-free cleaning. 

  • No alarms going off
  • Built-in fan
  • No open windows required

10,000 Happy Customers (And Counting)

See why so many users worldwide love their Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill and recommend it. Don’t miss the chance to snag yours while our offer lasts!

42 customer reviews
  • A***m
    14 May 2021
    Great device, nice grill marks, hardly any smoke, and tasted delicious! I put it on top of my flat top stove so I could use the range hood for ventilation, but there was very little smoke to be seen! Clean up was a breeze, I just used a sponge with warm water and Dawn dish soap, in fact I could just spray off all the greasy stuff off with my faucet sprayer! Next time I will grill some burgers, this makes grilling simple and fun!!
  • H****o
    13 May 2021
    I love my grill. Salmon and chicken skin gets crispy. Burgers get nice char. It beats standing outside at the BBQ. I can cook other items while the grill is cooking my protein.
  • J***y
    13 May 2021
    Ran it through the dishwasher first and let it dry completely before turning on. Turned the dial to between medium and high and let it get hot. Seasoned my steaks and put them on. Got the instant sizzle but no smoke. Cooked about 4 minutes then turned. Got the same good sizzle and the aroma was amazing. Still no smoke - just a tiny bit of steam coming off the meat. Cooked for the same amount of time and served. I did have the grill under a window just in case but did not have to open it. Wound up being one of the best tasting, most tender steaks I've ever grilled. Cant wait to grill salmon on it!
  • G***a
    12 May 2021
    Unlike most people I read the instructions before I used it! It works as advertised! It Cooks great! And I am satisfied with my purchase of this product! Clean up like it advertises!
  • G***a
    12 May 2021
    Omg. I love this I can eat bbq in my house without any smoke. And its so easy to clean very convenient and valuable
  • B***h
    9 May 2021
    This grill works wonderfully. My bf has cooked chicken, eggs ,pancakes,steaks & bacon, without any problems. To clean, just use a paper towel with soap. Nothing else. We had no problems of uneven heat or control issues. We don't like the grill, we love it.
  • T*****a
    9 May 2021
    Been wanting a indoor grill for awhile. I used this grill right when I got it on some sliced pork, mushrooms, zucchini, Bell peppers and onions/jalapeno. It got hot pretty fast but I find that the heat doesn't distribute evenly. It's not completely smokeless but pretty good. It is definitely easy to clean and easy to put together. I wrapped the waste bin in foil for even easier cleanup. Overall though, I enjoyed the grill and will be using it often.
  • М*х
    9 May 2021
    I am a fan of grilling and whenever the weather is right you will find me grilling. This grill is super easy to use and even easier to clean. I can grill my favorite foods such as burgers from my kitchen instead of being outside in the hot weather. It is also going to be very convenient when the winter arrives and it still can be used. The product is also steamless and creates no flames when meats are on the grill. There is a knob that allows you to also control the heat you want the grill on. Overall it is a phenomenal product!
  • F****r
    22 Apr 2021
    Love the grill but doesn't clean as easily as advertised.
  • A****a
    16 Apr 2021
    This is perfect for my kitchen. It is not smokeless, but the smoke is minimal. Easy to clean.
  • S***e
    15 Apr 2021
    Love this product! Can't really cook thick meats on here without taking 10 hours but thinner meats are great, especially burgers and shrimp!
  • H****o
    13 Apr 2021
    Love this grill. I’ve had it for two years and have bought many as gifts since I bought mine. The only thing that’s a kind of negative is cleaning the top of the grill. I soak it in hot sudsy water for at least an hour and use a scrub daddy sponge and it comes clean quickly. I also use a piece of foil over the bottom pan so there’s no clean up there.
  • M****a
    12 Apr 2021
    It works as advertised. I soaked some chicken in terryoky sauce. Then cooked on the grill. No sticking, and cleanup was so easy. Very little smoke if any. Love it!!!
  • M***k
    20 Mar 2021
    Nice item to cook up something quick in house.
  • P***r
    18 Mar 2021
    Not completely "smokeless", but greatly reduced. The grill surface isn't as easy to clean as expected. But does the job. Recomend it!
  • W****m
    13 Mar 2021
    This little grill is pretty amazing. It's truly non-stick and smokeless!!
  • R****r
    13 Mar 2021
    Perfect to use at home!
  • U***a
    13 Mar 2021
    Though, the delivery is a bit slow as the stock runs out but its worth the wait! It's amazing to use really 🙂
  • T****a
    13 Mar 2021
    Got it! Super amazed! Less smoke and non stick! Excited to use it with my family.
  • F***l
    13 Mar 2021
    Super easy to use. No need for charcoal and smear. Hope it doesn't break easily and will last longer 🙂
  • D*****a
    13 Mar 2021
    Love this grill. Great for small spaces especially apartments. Cooks fast and easy clean up. Definitely one of the best purchase. 🙂
  • K***a
    13 Mar 2021
    Delivery time delay. But the product is really good. It can be used indoors and less hassle to use. Perfect at family gatherings.
  • E***r
    12 Mar 2021
    Trying Fast BBQ at my place <3 Thank you!
  • S*****a
    1 Mar 2021
    Thumbs up! Works and looks as described, fast delvery, thank you!
  • N**a
    21 Feb 2021
    Love it. Burgers come out great. Cooks like a gas grill and no smoke.

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